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Chef Sun

Learning how to cook western food and Chinese food, has a master level culinary skill, Chef Sun teach you to do cooking.

Chef Sun is happy to take you into the palace of food, enjoy the sense of mastery glory.

Chef: Charles Sun from Beijing has over 30 years Chef  working  experience in international hotels--as Executive Chef at Starwood, Intercontinental, New World, Qiaojiangnan, etc,international hotels and catering group, who excessive and participate in the hotel opening preparation work, two-time Olympic catering reception work, 5 years experience in Australia. Chef Sun has very high attainments in the Italian, French, and other areas of the western and Chinese food culinary. Chef Sun is an experienced professional hotel managers, office footprint throughout Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, sichuan, xinjiang, kunming, hainan, guangdong, always with a steady stream of enthusiasm and commitment to the restaurant work.

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